From 12 to 16 June, 2019

Welcome to IFOB 2019

This Festival is part of the Centennial acts of the Cultural Association of La Pamplonesa Band. In the course of the Festival will be held: concerts, parades, conferences, workshops and an exhibition Fair. It will also have leisure activities for participants in different parts of the city.

The Band of Music of Pamplona had in its origin the celebration in Pamplona of a Band Festival on July 14, 1919. This Festival was held in order to support the initiative of several local musicians to create a Civil Band, given that In Pamplona there were 3 Military Bands but there was no city band. In memory of those who organized that Festival and all the musicians who have passed through it, from La Pamplonesa we want to pay homage with the repetition of it, amplifying it to the artistic and social reality that we live today. For this reason, the effort to make the Festival will serve to recognize the efforts of all the musicians who have passed through La Pamplonesa during this century of the Band's life, and to return to the city in the form of a festival the affection and follow-up that they have with the band.

Guest Artists