You can now purchase the tickets to some of the IFOB Pamplona's concerts at Baluarte and Teatro Gayarre:
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Jazz influences

La Pamplonesa Wind Band
Solista: Julien Beaudiment flauta
Director: José Vicent Egea
May 18th [concert previous to the festival]
Auditorio Baluarte 20:00 7€ Teatro Gayarre
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La Pamplonesa has liked jazz a lot these last years, that is why this concert gathers wind band original pieces and arrangements of symphonic repertoire that have a strong jazz inspiration. As is used at La Pamplonesa's concerts, some of the works will be performed for the first time, so the public can hear the most actual and modern scores. In addition, Mike Mower's concert for flute and wind band will be performed with the soloist Julien Beaudiment, one of the most prestigious flutists of the moment. A true luxury.
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To dance in the wind

Municipal Wind Band of Bilbao
Solista: José Franch, clarinete
Director: José R. Pascual-Vilaplana
June, 12nd 2019
Teatro Gayarre
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Music is the fundamental feed of the human body's movement as a path for communicating and expressing itself. Dance has always been an engine and influence of instrumental music, making people move their bodies and souls.
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Reaching hundred with La Pamplonesa

La Pamplonesa Wind Band
Solista: Nury Guarnaschelli trompa
Solista: Sarah Willis trompa
Solista: Bogdan Bacanu percusión
Director: J. Vicent Egea
June, 13rd de 2019
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La Pamplonesa Wind Band offers a very special concert at the festival IFOB Pamplona, a musical week in which that wind band celebrates its centennial with the company of aggrupations from every corner of the world. In this concert we will be able to listen to musical pieces born in the XX century, some premieres and to magnificent soloists: marimba genius Bogdan Bacanu and horn players Nury Guarnaschelli and Sarah Willis. A fantastic musical challenge that makes worth it a hundred years and encourages La Pamplonesa to get ready for a hundred more.
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Mnozil Brass
June, 14th de 2019
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The Austrian group Mnozil Brass arrives for the first time to Baluarte with the show Cirque: a proposal where the septet makes clear that music is not only a serious thing The group remains active since 1992 and has toured worldwide with a chamber music proposal in which humor meets the highest musical quality.
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Root musics

Municipal Wind Band of Barcelona
June, 16th de 2019
Teatro Gayarre
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Music emanates from everywhere as a natural source of expression and a sincere vision of the world that surrounds it. With music, strands of freedom and tolerance are generated between the ones who share it. Today, from Venezuela and Catalonia, we will water the roots of the sounds with wind and percussion.
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Harmonié Néhe (Dax, France)
June, 16nd de 2019
Teatro Gayarre DAX AVEC SAX
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Funded in 1901 as the initiative of some musician friends at the Theater Café of Dax, la Nèhe has entered into a deep friendship with La Pamplonesa. Conducted at first by Henri Lubet, nowadays its conductor is Jean Diron. Across more than a hundred years, this ensemble has gathered hundreds of musicians, the most of them amateurs. Thanks to an eclectic repertoire, their musical project is based on a rigorous work, absolutely essential for the development of original music programs.