The City


The City

Why Pamplona?

Pamplona is the city with the highest “quality of life” indicators in Spain following the 2012 report “Quality Of Life in Spanish Municipalities”. And you feel it: Efficiency, no pollution, sustainability, accesibility… Services.

We might be world-wide known because of San Fermín Festivals or Hemingway´s “The Sun also Rises” or because of being the first main city in Santiago´s Pilgrims Road in Spain, but we well deserve being famous for being a great place to organize events as well.

A  63.000 m2 Congress Center situated right in the city Center? With views over a the breathtaking park of a XVI Century Citadel, one of the biggest ones in Europe? Delicious award-winning gastronomy? ISO-9001, 14001 and UNESCO awarded services and management in the venue? Competitive pricing for excellent services in Hotels and Venue? A  well-connected 300.000 inhabitants city between France and Spain? Activities combining history, tradition and amazing green areas? Everything you demand from a Smart City in one?

You got it. Make a difference. Bet on us.

¿Un centro de congresos de 63,000 m2 situado en el centro de la ciudad? Con vistas sobre el impresionante parque de una ciudadela del siglo XVI, una de las más grandes de Europa. Deliciosa gastronomía premiada? ISO-9001, 14001 y la UNESCO otorgaron los servicios y la gestión en el lugar? Precios competitivos para excelentes servicios en hoteles y locales? ¿Una ciudad bien conectada de 300,000 habitantes entre Francia y España? Actividades que combinan historia, tradición e increíbles áreas verdes. Todo lo que exiges de una ciudad inteligente en uno? Lo tienes.

Hacer la diferencia. Apostar por nosotros



BALUARTE, the Festival center,  and main hotels are just 6km away from the national airport of Pamplona. It has also got two international airports, Bilbao (159km) and Biarritz (127km) in less than 90 minutes connection by road. Transit time ranges from local airport varies between 7 and 15 minutes at peak hour

Rail connections

BALUARTE and main hotels are just 4km away from the railway station. Transit times range between 5 and 10 minutes at peak hour.

Other considerations

Pamplona has all the advantages of celebrating an event in a mid-sized city: No distances, main venue right at the city center, no need for trasnportation during the event and all the support from a city for whom a Congress of 1.500 delegates makes the difference